Grape32 Unleashed Kit

Grape32 Unleashed Kit

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Grape32 Unleashed Kit is designed and developed by Grapetech. The board has variety of features, built-in programmer and debugger features, making it easier for ARM beginners or developers to discover the ARM chip.


– The board contains STM32F103RCT6 chip with 256KB FLASH, 48KB RAM, a strong configuration for a CPU.

– Three innovative functions integrated: directly code programming, debugger and Virtual COM Port allowing you to program directly a code without using other additional programmers. Based on debugger functions, you can trace or track your program easily and conveniently. Those three innovative functions, which are not available on market right now, fully provide and support your design.

– The board is integrated with many useful peripheral interfaces which help develop and demo applications quickly.

– Power supply :5V DC (via USB)
– Various peripheral interfaces:
+ 4 x LED, 4 X Switch , 1 x LED RGB
+ 4 x LED 7-segment, LCD 16×2
+ Servo output, compatible with PWM
– Sensors: LM35, photo resistor; header available for DHT11 connector.
– NAND flash 4MB, DAC 12-bit, DS1307, EEPROM.
– Support Micro SD-CARD, buzzer, audio line-out

User guide and sample codes:

User guide (Vietnamese only)

Sample codes