Grapic24 Development Kit


Grapic24 Development Kit

350,000 VNĐ 249,000 VNĐ

Grapic24 Development Kit is designed and developed by Grapetech. The kit contains a microcontroller PIC24FJ1024 (Microchip), and peripheral interfaces which help students learn and develop MCU-based applications easily and quickly.



The board is small, compact, low-cost. It is suitable for students of Electronics and Telecommunications faculties to learn and research on PIC microcontroller of Microchip.


– Power supply: 5V (via USB)
– The board contains the following interfaces:
+ 4 x button, 1 x RESET button
+ 8 x LED
+ 1 x varistor
+ 1 x LM35 sensor
+ 2 x GPIO connector (25×2 pins)
+ Serial communication via USB-COM
+ Header for PICKit programmer
+ Header for LCD 16×2 board
– The board can interface with peripheral boards which are developed by Grapetech via 2 x GPIO connector.

✔️ User guide and sample codes:

User guide (Vietnamese only)

Sample codes