Test chip kit

Test chip kit


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Test chip board is used to verify and measure chip’s functions. The board can be operated independently or combined with FPGA boards and test chip software to verify chip’s functions automatically.


The board is used to test, verify design functions of a fabricated chip. The board can work stand-alone or combine with FPGA boards and test chip software to verify and test chips automatically and conveniently. This board is compatible with QFP-160 package, VDEC (Japan) chip packages, or the same package types.


– Support QFP-160 package, max. 160-pin. Compatible with VDEC chips (ROHM 180nm process, SOTB 65nm process with QFP-160 package) or equivalent types.

– Stand-alone operation or combination with FPGA boards to measure waveform or functions of the chip in real-time mode.

– Built-in power supply: 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V, 1.2V DC via USB plug.

– Chip pins can be connected flexibly through connectors or jumpers.

– Computer interface via USB-COM port.